SC Department of Revenue Licenses

South Carolina Department of Revenue (“SCDOR”) is responsible for administering the state’s tax laws.

Columbia SC ABL attorneysSCDOR operates separately from the IRS.  Taxpayers must file a separate tax return with the SC DOR.

Alcohol Beverage Licensing

The SC DOR handles licensing for businesses as well as alcohol and beverage licensing (ABL).

The process to obtain an alcohol license in South Carolina is not easy. If you want to obtain a license to sell alcohol for your business establishment, you must will need to work through a very detailed and complicated application process with SCDOR. It is important to understand that there are strict laws and regulations surrounding alcohol beverage licenses. That’s why hiring a South Carolina ABL attorney is crucial.

Moving Forward

These alcohol and beverage licensing attorneys are very experienced with helping clients acquire an alcohol beverage license, as well as handling matters related to the denial, suspension or revocation of a South Carolina alcohol and beverage license.  We can handle anything the initial application to appealing a suspension or revocation of your alcohol beverage license.  Our South Carolina alcohol and beverage attorneys stand ready to fight to make sure your rights are protected.

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Alcohol Beverage Licenses in the Vista

ABL In The Vista, Columbia, SC

Columbia SC ABL attorneysThe  neighborhood near the Vista in Columbia, South Carolina is a hub of commerce: stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars fill the intersection of five major streets, and numerous South Carolinians go there to hang out with friends or watch the game with fellow sports lovers on a big screen. However, the Vista is also close to the campus of the University of South Carolina, and has been an epicenter for underage drinking, as well as gang activity, robberies, and assaults, for years.

The Vista is an attractive location to open a bar or restaurant, because it is already a popular spot for night life in Columbia. However, because of the criminal activity there, it could be more difficult for you to obtain your alcohol beverage license.

Alcohol beverage license laws are complex. Anyone who protests your license could cause long delays, costing you and your business lots of money. If you overstep the strict bounds of your alcohol beverage license in South Carolina, your license could be revoked. If you accidentally serve someone underage, your alcohol beverage license could be revoked. This is why you should hire a South Carolina ABL Attorney as soon as possible if you’re in this situation.

Common Alcohol Beverage License Violations in South Carolina:

  • Selling liquor during restricted hours
  • Sale of liquor to underage individuals/sale of liquor to minors
  • Violation of limits placed upon a license
  • Writing a bad check to the South Carolina Department of Revenue
  • Sale of liquor by a private club to a non-member or someone who is not a bona fide guest of a member.
  • Selling liquor on Sunday without a Sunday liquor license

Getting Your Alcohol Beverage License Reinstated Can Be Complex

If you or an employee violate the terms of your alcohol beverage license, even by accident, reinstating the license can be difficult. You may face stiff penalties and fines for the violation, and your business could fail while you work out the details. Our business license attorneys can help. We understand the complexity of alcohol beverage licensing, and offer free consultations to help you with your case.

Columbia ABL Licenses

Special Events in Columbia Still Require Alcohol Beverage Licenses

SC ABL AttorneysAre you an event planner? Do you want to throw a benefit party for a local South Carolina charity? Are you planning a special reception with a bar and bartender? Deciding on a venue for a wedding like 701 Whaley or the Art Museum? If you plan to offer a bar or sell alcohol for any event, even if it is a one-time party, you will need a temporary alcohol beverage license.

If you are an organization or event planner, and you plan to serve beer, wine, or spirits at a special event, you will need to fill out Form ABL-900 well before your event takes place, in order to obtain a temporary alcohol beverage license. Failure to do so can lead to stiff fines and penalties.

Even if you fill out the form well in advance of your event, your request for a temporary alcohol beverage license could be denied. It is important to understand some restrictions that license boards consider when reviewing your alcohol beverage license in South Carolina.

Reasons for denial of a South Carolina liquor license include:

  • Proximity to a church, school or playground;
  • Proximity to a neighborhood;
  • An allegation of bad moral character;
  • Evidence that the area surrounding the proposed location is already saturated/suitability of location or not a suitable location.

My Event Is Coming Up And My Temporary Alcohol Beverage License Has Been Denied!

If the temporary alcohol beverage license for your special event has been denied, you can reapply, but you may need assistance understanding why it was initially rejected. Our business licensing attorneys can help with any kind of specialized business license, including alcohol beverage licenses for special events. Contact us today for a free consultation to get started on your alcohol beverage license.