Tips on purchasing a flashlight

Every home, office or building uses a lot of electricity to light up the place during the night. However, when there is no power, what do you do? Power disruptions can be for a few minutes, hours and even days; this is why a flashlight can be a very handy tool. Not everyone stocks candles in their homes but a battery powered torch can be a life saver and get you through the night.

The uses of a flashlightj;hlk

This is one device that can be found in almost every area in life. It is used by ordinary people at home, the police, firefighters, people who go camping and so many other situations. A flashlight may seem like a simple item, but depending on the use, you need to get one that suits you. You can read more about the flashlights available on the market, but in this article, we will look at a few features that could help you make the right choice.

How to select the right flashlight

This piece of equipment comes in many models and sizes. There are ones that are suitable for home use and those that are used in more extreme conditions.

The illumination

Unlike in the past, the size of a flashlight does not necessarily determine the amount of light it dispenses. LED technology has advanced a lot and therefore, even a small one can light up a room sufficiently. Make sure you look at the lumen value in a product before you buy one. You can find ones as little as ten or twenty and those as high as 200 lumen. The higher the value, the brighter the light will be.

aa02The size

There are small flashlights that are used as tactical gear by military personnel. There are easy to carry and are built for rough use. You can also get similar sized ones for home use. The bigger ones will last longer because they will have a larger battery to power the LED’s for a longer period.


There are some that are suitable for use in a wet environment. These can be used in the event of a storm or if you are caught out in the rain. They will not get damaged even if you drop them in the water. But if you need to use them underwater, you will have to make sure they meet certain standards.

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