Protective Clothing

Most people see sunglasses as an accessory and mostly put them on for fashion purposes. But it will be of very great importance if all people especially those engaging in sports see sunglasses as protective clothing and put them on every time they go out for camping

Below are some ways on how sunglasses will protect your eyes during camping

Protects eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays

dfertygcvbnUltraviolet radiation has been associated with the start of many eye complications. Some of these include cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Also, UV rays are known to cause wrinkles to the delicate skin around the eyes. Mostly when undertaking outdoor sports, our eyes are exposed to these direct rays from the sun and hence a high possibility of developing some of these eye complications. It is, therefore, advisable to wear high-quality protective sunglasses when going out for any sports.

Sunglasses reduce glare

Most surfaces we come across during sports reflect light, water, vehicles windscreens, and even road surfaces reflect light. Bright light reflections can lead to problems with proper vision. This is risky especially when skiing, boating or even riding a motorbike. Sunglasses with polarized filters or mirror coating are highly recommended to reduce glare and enhance good vision.

Protects eyes from dust, debris and the wind


Sunglasses acts as a perfect protection for your eyes and barrier from the wind when skiing, riding or just out to view outdoors. They help in the reduction of the rate of tears evaporation from your eyes making them moist and comfortable all through. For those who use contact lenses, sunglasses will also be a good barrier from dust particles that can be blown into your eyes by wind leading to corneal abrasion. Consider sunglasses with Very close fitting frames for protection against wind and dust.

Reduce eyestrain and headache

Under very bright conditions, the eye part called pupil controls the amount of light entering the eye to the light sensitive part retina. When the brightness is too much, the pupil cannot constrict too much to reduce the brightness to a comfortable level. This forces us to squint with the help of eyelids to reduce the amount of light entering the eye. Squinting leads to muscle strain and eventually cause eyestrain and headaches. With the help of sunglasses, the amount of light is controlled hence no need for squinting. For light, protection ensures to purchase sunglasses with the right protection category.

Enhance vision

ddfcgvhxcvbAlmost all sunglasses are tinted to cut the amount of light entering the eyes. But, choice of tint affects your vision by influencing, the amount of visible light reaching the eyes, ability to see other colors and how well one sees contrasts. It is important to select the correct color tint as per your sport or activity. Bad choice of tint can affect your color perception and differentiation. It is advisable to select either gray, green or brown tints.


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